All Systems Secure.

We ensure that your products are trustable and secure. Specializing on embedded security, we ensure that your products meet the highest security standards.

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All Systems Designed.

Building a product requires a strong Systems Engineering approach and a partner that you can rely on. No matter how tiny or complex, we help you exceed expectations.

All Systems Intelligent.

Learn how we apply automation and machine learning to improve our customers' products.

Our Mission

With over 50 years’ combined experience in the automotive and aerospace industries at companies such as Tesla, Lockheed Martin, Daimler, and others, we’re experts in all phases of system design and development. Bringing together a diverse set of experience and skill, we focus on key technologies to design or improve our customers' products as vendor-independent consultants.


Featuring a strong automotive background, our team deals with the challenges of understanding, designing and testing automotive systems.


All of the systems we deal with consist of a mixture of hardware and software components. We know how systems interact at the lowest layers and as a customer, you'll profit from that insight.

Systems Engineering

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is one of our core competencies. We help customers succeed at quality management, FMEA's and IATF 16949 certifications.


Future systems will increasingly rely on machine learning mechanisms. As your partner, we evaluate and design solutions that utilize unique approaches for processing data.

Hardware Security Training

Learn how to attack or defend embedded systems by attending one of our bootcamps. We focus on hands-on training - you'll be applying new knowledge together with our experienced instructors.

Architecture Design

We take lead in architecture design and requirements management tasks. Apply cutting-edge Systems Modeling techniques to build great products.

What we've been up to

Read our blog to learn about our latest projects and results.

Compatibility of CAN and CAN FD

This post provides a quick introduction to the protocol differences between CAN and CAN-FD and their compatibility.

Building Windows Containers For GPU Acceleration

Part 2 of this blog series about GPU supported workloads in Windows containers will exhibit some things to look out for when building Windows images.